There might be a mismatch between the transcribed utterance and the Romance language prompt. This is because we included the informants' exact words, even if they do not correspond perfectly to the prompt. Furthermore, we provide an English translation of the Romance language prompt, not of the transcribed utterance.

Playing Sound Files on Mac OS

Firefox 4 and newer contain a bug which creates issues when playing sound files on Mac OS. They will work properly in Safari, or, if you would like to use Firefox, please follow these instructions: Close any open versions of Firefox that you may have running. Go to the applications folder and find Firefox. Right click (or ctrl-click) on the Firefox icon and click "Get Info". Tick the "Open in 32-bit mode" and close the Info window. Sound files will work again once Firefox is restarted.


The most innovative feature of the CRL Database is the Search function. It is easy to retrieve information from the database through the Search page, accessible from the home page or from the top bar of any page. From the Search page, one can search for a speaker and retrieve any of his/her utterances. A search can also be conducted for a property or properties, for demographic information, or for the location of the town where the target language is spoken (country > region > town). In addition, a search of words contained in the Romance language prompt, in the English translation, or in the phonetic transcription can also be conducted. To perform a search from the Search page: · On the Search page there are five categories organized in rows: speakers, grammatical properties, demographic properties, geographic location of the town where the target language is spoken, and text. · For the first four rows, you can select a constraint in the leftmost column which then maps to more specific properties to the right which further narrow your search. You can select more than one option within each category or across categories by holding down the control or command key. · Another type of search involves the Text row. To search for utterances with a specific phonetic transcription, prompt, or English translation, select the appropriate category from the ‘Text Search’ box. Then, you may type all or part of the desired text in the box to the right. This search is not case sensitive. · Once you have selected all the desired constraints, click the ‘search’ button at the upper or lower right hand corner of the page. · The search results page will list all of the utterances which contain the selected constraint, combination of constraints, or text. Click on an individual utterance to view the speaker’s demographic information and the utterance’s linguistic properties. · If the combination of selected constraints does not exist, you will see the statement ‘no results found’ on the search results page. · To clear a search for an individual category, click the ‘reset’ option for that category. To clear the entire Search page, click the ‘reset page’ option found on the upper and lower right of the page.