CRL: Clitics of Romance Languages

CRL is a searchable database that allows users to examine one of the rare patterns involving a class of pronouns (clitics) that are normally stressless, but which, in the languages under investigation, do exhibit or modify stress. The pattern is found in some endangered and under-studied Romance languages spoken in the South of France, the North and South of Italy, the Balearic Islands, and the islands of Corsica and Sardinia. Most of the data available on the database involve imperative verb + pronoun constructions. Users can utilize the search function to find utterances with particular grammatical properties, and each utterance includes a broad phonetic transcription coded for certain grammatical properties, as well as (for most utterances) an audio file. All data were collected by Francisco Ordóñez and Lori Repetti.

This system is free to the public and open-ended. Anyone can use the database to perform queries. The database is still under construction, and we would be grateful for your feedback.

CRL © 2021. Lori Repetti & Francisco Ordóñez. Stony Brook University, NY. All Rights Reserved